what is topical delivery

Topical Delivery is the name that is given to site specific applications to the top layer of the skin (topical), allowing direct and benefits of the ingredient applied, such a natural product with specific benefits, and with no systemic impact. The impact has positive implications where the desired effect is an area of the body that requires direct application where much of the oral material taken is either not well absorbed through the digestive tract or is often excreted even if it makes it into the bloodstream as the body may naturally process it and excrete it as a non-needed concentration. 

what are the benefits

The ability to take less of the substance as it will be delivered specifically to the needed area, and not the entire body. Plus it does so without taxing the liver, kidneys, heart and other systems as a larger dose taken oral possibly may do. Smaller doses can be tested to observe tolerance and benefits.
Site specific delivery benefits can be addressed with the topical delivery technology and formulas Topical Delivery Health Products provides for Pain, Inflammation, Skin Health, Premature Aging, Metabolic Wellness, and a variety of new topically delivered compounds being released every Quarter.

scientific research | reviews

The ability to deliver desired beneficial ingredients to specific areas is a new process that the science has been developed and proven in the last few years.

Topical Pain Relief & Creams

Joint & Muscle Pain Cream, CBD, Skin, Wrinkle – Anti-itching

Topical Nutrients

Topical natural precursors, Topical enzymes, Micronutrients: Vitamin D and B12