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Narrated 3 minute ThermGen Presentation

The pioneering design and functions of CoreTech Environmental’s ThermGen®️ waste treatment units lowers the amount of waste going to landfills and provides complete neutralization of multiple hazardous chemical compounds such as contraband substances, illegal imports, military weapons (explosives, landmines, and chemical weapons), paints and blasting materials, dated pharmaceuticals and APIs (intermediates), and multiple other materials requiring total neutralization.

Related Technologies


Proprietary Thermal Oxidizer (PTO) applications:  Advanced design offering remediation for landfill gas, ICEngine emissions,  Oil, Gas, and Chemical company flares, and custom applications where emissions require lowering to meet regulatory standards. The key benefits to our new advanced ThermOx brand are:


Water: Generation of water using the Condenser Company™ water generation application providing irrigation water for homes and businesses located in dew points 200 miles or less from the Ocean.   Controlling of waste streams using ThermGen applications to destroy municipal and hazardous waste before polluting the watershed is a key focus of CoreTech, thus addressing the increasing risk of algal bloom and other water conservation needs.

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