Welcome to CoreTechDev.com, the website of the successful pioneering incubator Core Technology Development Group.

New Projects

CoreTechDev is the founding entity in FutureFoods, ThermGen, SafeSuite, WaterFaire, plus new projects under development.

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Next generation of waste destruction, needed for compliance when in metropolitan areas requiring clean emissions.

A proven technology for domestic water backup in case of drought restrictions. Solar powered, highest gal. per dollar technology available where dew points near oceans and lakes are located.

An air remediation technology for methane, and related toxic air emissions. 

The success of Core Technology

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cyber technology

CoreTech is one of the founding investors in the company KeyAvi Data. This pioneering Smart Data technology company won the RSA award as the Best Cyber Security Company in 2021. CoreTech focuses on consumer applications in the fields of medicine, finance, law, engineering, and data rights management.

SafeSuite is the brand that Core Tech will market under, and will be the first to market the Smart Data technology to a variety of clients who have expressed not only interst as well as defined critical needs. Safe Suite will assist with Safe Tokens, Safe Contracts, and Safe Cloud tools for data securing as well as enabling, such as tracking, geo-fencing, time embargo, and a variety of security policies, are now available for customers to use for their key business and personal data.

How it works

What we do best.

Core Technology Development Group Researches, DEVELOPS, and Invests in commerciallly promising, sound scientific breakthroughs.

Medical Technology

Founding investor in the original firm with rapid prototype cranial implants for surgical use; using proprietary 3D printing developed by the pioneer and originator of 3D printing software.  Profitable since its inception, and steady growth ongoing.


Topical Site Specific delivery of OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals, as well as active nutraceutical ingredients. Based on the need to minimize systemic side effects and guarantee minimal dosing, with targeted delivery to the needed site of activity.

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