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CoreTechnology Development Group is an incubator firm focused on taking early, mid, and final stage technologies to markets globally by completing the development stages required to commercialize the technology in question.

In many cases it is a basic concept not even patented, in others it is a fully developed, functioning and patented technology with only a minimal application developed compared to the multiple applications the technology applies.

CoreTech’s team includes experts in the online and retail marketing as well as enterprise sales and export. The integrated messaging, CRM, and database management services of CoreTech assure effective tracking and results of the technology commercialization process.

Our areas of expertise include Healthcare, Digital, 3D printing, Hardware, and Software products, custom apps, and plug ins, Telemedicine, Telecommunications, Cyber Security, and related technologies.


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CoreTech’s focus is to add value and complete the development process of existing and new technologies, thereby readying the Go To Market stage with CoreTech also actively engages in via licensing, partnering, or acquisition.






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CoreTech is an evolving participant and rapid responder in the emerging technology sectors it covers. We aim to build a balanced network encompassing multiple strengths and points of view, often divergent but with the same goal, success for the clients and partners as well as the underlying technologies we incubate to survive and thrive in the competitive landscape globally.





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Coming Soon: ThermGen 20 – Initial Operating Unit delivered September 2016

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Coming Soon: Safe Suite, Launch October 2016

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Solutions For the Latest Headlines

CoreTech is in the unique position to provide solutions to two of the main headline news areas of national and global concern.

  • Sediment flushed from irrigation ditches again discolors Animas River After Mine Spill
  • Cyber Security and the need to protect data from hackers
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Upcoming Projects: WaterGen – Efficient capture of atmospheric water. Prototype/POC currently available for viewing

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San Diego Headquarters

Our Work Flow

Customer Relationship Management

At its simplest, a CRM system allows businesses to manage their relationships and the data associated with those clients.

Social and Project Management

For our clients we offer a unique blend of project board management and social media. This allows for an effective solution that builds around a small learning curve when it comes to keeping everyone involved up to date.

Agile software development

Is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

Clients we work with

We work with small to Fortune 500 clients.  No job is too small or large for our team.

The Core of the Core Technology Development Group

Core Technology Development Group, CoreTech for short is an incubator entity established for commercializing unique, pioneering, and innovative market-ready technologies.

CoreTech’s goal is to assist companies, inventors, and existing partners to realize the final stage for products that integrate market ready and consumer-driven technologies.

The sectors in focus are:

  • Medical
  • Clean/Green Tech
  • Software
  • Communications/ Video Technologies

In most cases, a core technology is limited to one aspect of a final product. For instance, capacitive touch was developed to create  new electric field based touch screens using materials that, once more readily available, afforded multiple functions not possible with prior touch screen technology. Essentially allowing layers of applications that are still evolving from the initial core development in this example shows how one company’s core technology gives rise to multiple new applications. Often the additional applications are not in the creating company’s interest, skill sets, or marketing channels. CoreTech comes in at this stage and increase applications, market share, and revenues from the initial core company technology otherwise not realized. CoreTech’s services enhance revenues realized by adding additional revenue streams otherwise not developed.


Making applications of an unapplied or minimally applied core technology is the essential focus in this example.

CorTech was created to build and team manage this need, with the underlying drivers of application development as the key to revenue success.

Grounding the process into an ongoing enterprise, a strong focus on marketing using the best of online tools, bricks and mortar channel penetration, and strategic alliances, licensing when appropriate, assure pioneering products find their way onto and off the shelves, websites, and global channels into consumers and enterprises requiring the products based on these new technologies.

There are multiple additional technologies CoreTech is actively engaged in.

We welcome your inquiry and submission for review should you have either an interest or desire to partner the development of your technology ready for commercializing.

For further information on our Core Affiliate Program



Working with a functional balance between R & D, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, regulatory approvals, and line extension planning being the key to fresh and significant ongoing product lines, CT provides a vehicle to attract the myriad of new core technologies lying in wait, needing a home to incubate in and eventually commercialize.

This all sounds logical, although a bit abstract. Let’s see where it has actually led to in current active, viable, and revenue generating projects.


Software and Security Sector


CoreTech has invested in the Best-in-Class encryption technology and is using it’s software development team to build applications for both enterprise and consumers using this .Safe technology. CT will be launching October 2016 it’s plugin for Outlook in an enterprise required need for file management with complete data security on the device and in the cloud.


This significant initial project will have added functionality such as:

  • Full DRM (digital rights management) to control what we term as SFPC, which means the sender of a file can allow or disallow Saving, Forwarding, Printing, or Copying as well as make the file vanish at a preset time, all while making the file impervious to hacking either in transit, on the server, or remotely accessed.
  • This technology has been awarded as the best option for data security, and will be combined with a CoreTech filing system that automatically organizes incoming attachments otherwise embedded in email, which was never designed or intended to be a filing system. CoreTech is taking this core encryption technology and developing it, which is our mandate and defines CoreTech’s skill sets.
  • Combining various technologies into a unified and practical user experience is being finalized for a major project in Health and Wellness, as well as critical care.
  • Combining a core video technology that was “born in broadcast”, nominated for an Emmy, and licensed to CoreTech for developing it’s use in Telemedicine, CoreTech is finalizing development in two major undertakings through WebHolisticMD (see below)

Plasma technology
Plasma technology was an investment CoreTech made 5 years ago and has resulted in a profitable new venture with significant growth and current sales. It is an active and robustly growing sector, requiring the full focus of CoreTech’s skill sets and dedicated environmental technology team.

Older technology centered on incineration is simply on the way out, both legally and economically, for a variety of practical reasons. It is environmentally unacceptable by comparison to our cleaner option, requires transportation across multiple states of HazMat (hazardous materials) which we bypass with our smaller on-site solution, and we can place units on-site where the issue resides.

The significant applications

  • Medical waste; we are proven effective to the viral and even the spore level of infectious agents.
  • Hazardous material; we completely destroy all chemicals at the molecular level, taking them to their constituent atomic level with an inert safe carbon char resulting.
  • Chemical weapons; we are actively engaged in pursuing the current US and foreign stockpiles of these dangerous compounds. Agent Orange containers from the Vietnam War are still stored as they cannot be dumped nor incinerated. Our technology is proven to remediate this and other major environmental dangers.
  • VOC air contaminants (Volatile Organic Compounds) from the multiple flaring well heads are resolved using a special application of the plasma technology CT is active in bringing to the oil and gas sector needing a solution or else face heavy fines for the pollution created.

Our expert in the environmental plasma technologies across the multiple applications is John Baker. Taking new approaches in waste and remediation to market requires significant regulatory interfacing when pioneering a new option, and we are proceeding daily with the process of approvals and are approved in six states currently. It is projected to proceed more rapidly given the increased data generated, which is the basic requirement to convince regulators. Hence this sector is and will continue to be one of significant activity for CoreTech.

We own and operate these units and provide the service to the industries requiring waste handling and VOC remedies. Hence it is not a sales challenge but rather an application of the core technology we provide, resulting in an increased installed base of ongoing revenue generating sites.

Our origins in nutriceuticals (people confuse this term; simply stated, it applies to products that are “bigger than a vitamin, smaller than a drug”) which has evolved to focus on topical and oral delivery of a variety of both nutricueticals and drugs using patented nano-delivery technology developed by Future Foods.




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