Welcome to CoreTechDev.com, the website of the successful pioneering incubator Core Technology Development Group; the founding entity in FutureFoods, ThermGen, SafeSuite, WaterFaire, plus new projects under development. These projects have resulted in commercial success, resulting in a total of over $4B in sales realized by designed and licensed products sold in the last 35 years.

The current equity holdings of CoreTech include large positions in an award winning cybersecurity firm, environmental remediation equipment currently in commercial operation, as well as current planned launches in the areas of natural product biotechnology, digital rights management, water from air design, recycling of e-car batteries and dated solar panels, plus additional ready to launch needed environmental solutions for tire recycling, and innovative products built, proven, and ready for deployment.

In brief, we have addressed a variety of human health, environmental, and cyber needs with core technologies we invested in at the very early stage. These long term projects are now ready for marketing launches, and require CoreTech to license, build, manage, and in some cases create partnerships to co-manage the next stage in the now proven technologies and products.

To that end we welcome discussions with interested parties in how best to maximize the commercializing these opportunities. CoreTech recognized the value of these technologies, and invested in their make ready to proven stages. Savvy businessmen are looking for these ripe opportunities for applications they are aware of, have interest and control in, and will be essentially raising the bar of income required now that the initial risk is removed and the next stage is ready and waiting for the right group(s) to engage in.