ThermGen®️'s on site compliant and complete waste remediation and destruction capability has specific applications in the areas of Industrial and Military Hazardous Materials (HazMat) globally stored waiting to be safely processed.

These materials, daily manufactured in the millions of pounds from the chemical, pharmaceutical, military, and the oil and gas energy sectors cannot be placed in landfills and must be totally remediated and reduced to their inert atomic components in a safe manner with no toxic by products or air emissions.

This challenge is exactly what ThermGen®️ was designed to do economically and effectively, with on site capabilities thus avoiding transportation to distant inefficient incineration facilities. These large facilities are being globally phased out due to a variety of environmental and regulatory issues as well as operating inefficiencies and aging equipment.

With increasing HazMat production and diminishing facilities to incinerate, the need for ThermGen®️'s pioneering on site option is timely and needed. CoreTech is expanding it's contracting ThermGen®️ services to industries and military applications, having begun permitting a contracted installation for ThermGen®️ processing Q3 2017 and new projects being negotiated for the production units in process.