The CoreTech Global Challenge: People, Planet, and Profits

Though it was a humble statement focusing on humanity as the metric of our planet in distinction to business, the People Not Profits slogan became the popularized three words describing only part of the issue.

Realizing the need for ongoing growth of business, which is profit based, and functional health of the air, water, and land environments being the source of all resources for both business and people to thrive in cooperation with, we now have a tool that serves one key needed aspect for the stewardship of the environment, people, and businesses.

That tool, ThermGen® is an economical, environmentally compliant option for remediating the stored by products of industrial, military, and globally manufactured by products that are toxic to people, land, air, water, and businesses that depend on a fully functioning ecosystem.



The goal is People, Planet, and Profits

 By providing an alternative to inefficient and distant incineration, currently banned for use in many states and countries, ThermGen® addresses a demand unaddressed in the waste remediation world where we still have chemical weapons from WWII and Vietnam stored and multiple cases of stored chemicals that cannot be landfilled or otherwise destroyed.

One simple question for us all; you know how it feels to organize and clean a mess that has persisted we have avoided addressing because we either wanted it to be ignored, or someone else to do it. And when we finally handled it we felt really good, possibly after the shower we had to take!

Though a small personal example, multiply it by the now banned chemicals, insecticides, munitions, nerve agents such as mustard gas and Sarin, toxic solvents, toxic chemicals, HazMat, drug intermediates, spent pharmaceuticals, contraband and seized drugs, and the myriad of harmful compounds that will leak into the ground, water, and air if not fully destroyed. Or the already leaked perchlorate plume that has reached Lake Mead, which the ThermGen® option can also address as an onsite heat treatment process for remediation the contaminated ground containing the perchlorate.

This challenge is dual in nature. First is the accord with business and government agencies to clean the multiple toxic sites up and incorporate engineered effective protocols that are proven to work.

ThermGen®’s unique onsite, scalable process opens up solutions otherwise requiring transport, handling, and processing in distant locations which is an added expense and liability, hence the business profitability component is addressed by comparing to the alternatives. In many cases fines are the option and as such ThermGen® offers a cost savings in the comparison as well.

We now have the proven tool to tackle the hidden and toxic wastes that threaten our planet, and as such we offer the key decision makers who have avoided addressing the many cases of stored materials requiring remediation to now review the potential ThermGen® offers as well as review the business models that allow it to be done economically.

We can as well create energy from these wastes in many cases and as such know we as a community will take pride in not only addressing a stored, serious, ongoing danger, but also provide alternatives for future processing of multiple waste streams, both hazardous and basic wastes, to energy.

Communities, countries and the earth’s land, air, and water demand this, now.