Mission Statement

CoreTech is an equipment provider and owner/operator of our proprietary ThermGen® envrionmental green technology.

Our goal is to provide best in class solutions to the global environmental demand for onsite waste processing and environmental remediation.




ThermGen®  addresses the global need for a better solution, local and scalable to incineration.  Why is ThermGen® uniquely suited to meet this need?  Incinerators require continual gas to be used to maintain the temperature, thus using and creating many times the CO2 emissions a self sustaining pyrolysis thermal destruction requires.

The starting of the ThermGen®  process takes approximately 15 minutes to reach the required temperature for the pyrolysis to initiate, after which time it is self sustaining and no added heat source such as natural gas is required as a heat source, thus less CO2.  Thus a smaller scale approach is cleaner, more economical, and results in better control of the reaction and by products.

These facts, once understood and incorporated into the preferred choices of regulatory agencies, governments, and industry, will make ThermGen® ’s pioneering design the industry leader for scalable waste destruction.

Environmental groups are aware of the issues of effects of thermal destruction and resulting by products. Their mandate is to watch, review, and be the groups that monitor the air, land, and water quality we all share and depend upon, assuring output from waste destruction systems do not add any harmful by products.

We invite the press to a ThermGen® facility where we will present details and show how we destroy hazardous and toxic wastes that must be completely resolved into harmless atomic constituents, and do so without the harmful reactive by products.

ThermGen®  is designed to be the preferred option for thermal destruction. CoreTech will pioneer this option providing complete resolution of those compounds that cannot be recycled or landfilled.