CoreTech Environmental provides waste remediation and waste destruction services using its proprietary scalable ThermGen unit.  ThermGen (TG) was designed to offer an economical, logistical option to the current model of transportation over long distances to large incineration unit facilities.

The on site option offers a compelling model for cost savings and efforts to control liabilities in manufacturing, as well as allow manufacturers to be environmentally compliant and remain competitive in the global economy.

ThermGen Unit Options

  • Unit sizes: 500 lb./ hr. up to 2,000 lb./ hour
  • TG units can be arrayed in series for larger per hour volumes.
  • Can be custom designed for in line attachment at facilities where waste generation and intermediates occur.
  • CoreTech has the ability to provide a batch processing ThermGen unit for a variety of materials requiring special handling a continuous system is not suitable for. This would apply to certain gaseous materials where a completely secure enclosed system is required.

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Our Technology

CoreTech now provides the key equipment, technology, online monitoring, and operation infrastructure for on-site operations and cost savings for those special waste streams requiring destruction at the point of origin.

To address the global need for distributed waste destruction across multiple sectors and categories we have divided the market into categories: Remediation not Incineration, Zero Landfill Mandate, BioMass, HazMat, and Military Weapons.

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Applications & Solutions

The need for total destruction also applies for out of spec final end products, discontinued items that must be destroyed, dated pharmaceuticals and other compounds that cannot he placed in the ground intact or packaged for landfill.

This model is valuable in mandated “no landfill” corporate protocols and communities where that protocol is in effect. As well this applies to the variety of added value, special controlled waste streams including toxic compounds, hazardous chemicals, pharmaceutical agents, contraband, seized drugs, counterfeit products, and multiple other situations where the waste cannot be buried in a landfill or partially destroyed.

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