The Current Need for The ThermGen Solution

  • Reflects The Key Trend (see map below)
  • Provides a scalable and economic alternative
  • Complies with local and national regulations
  • Can be placed onsite where waste is created or stored

Map of rapid decline in incineration, the last 20 years

  • The map below shows the locations of hundreds of prior active commercial incinerators in the US, with now all but 9 shut down.
  • Transport of multiple materials, HazMat, and designated substances require significant expense, security, and liability exposures that can be avoided with on site waste destruction ThermGen provides.
  • Incinerators require continual power for heating the large chambers. ThermGen is self sustaining once initially heated after 15 to 20 minutes of start up. This saves fuel and reduces emissions.

map photo

ThermGen™ Scalable Waste Destruction and Our Design Philosophy

The ThermGen Unit