Article addressing Greenhouse gas emissions

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Air Emissions Data Report

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Two Stage Process

The destruction of targeted waste stream material results in the creation of gaseous by products, the profile of which is a function of the temperature, oxygen level ( minimal in the case of ThermGen), and other controlled parameters.

Our initial stage of the process is designed to minimize the creation of NOx and other harmful emissions. The resulting gases, termed pyro gases, then proceed to the second stage of the process, being transferred to the highly efficient CoreTech Thermal Oxidizer. Here they are treated and remediated to water vapor and low levels of CO2 resulting in the lowest carbon footprint of any waste destruction technology, as well as keeping carbon out of landfills where it becomes even more CO2 once metabolized in the landfill.

Environmental Regulation Article

This article reviews the immediate impact of deregulation on multiple environmental pollutants; pesticides and their impact on farm workers and nearby residents, coal fired power plant emissions with new laws that relax the prior recent regulations put in place for air emissions shown to harm the health of local residents, and heavy metal toxicity resulting from lax mining and related industries.

CoreTech provides solutions for full destruction of many of these resulting pollutants, pesticides, and emissions by applying the ThermGen process for solid materials and ThermOx process for emission technology.

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